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With multiple financial transactions it is of great importance to create a good oversight. A good oversight is actually the basis to represent and estimate cash-flows and draw up a liquidity plan. Such planning is of great importance to be able to meet all the financial obligations. The most important tasks of the employees of the Accounting Department is to process and pay the invoices, check and book the actual freight revenues and to maintain and check the financing costs. Through a clear financial overview and a good communication it is possible for the Accounting Department to maintain a good relationship with all concerning parties even during financial difficult periods.

Through further refinement of the automated systems as well as the focus on increasing knowledge of the accounting staff, we are constantly able to supply up-to-date information on the financial situation of all vessels in our fleet. The responsibility for financial reporting rests with the Controlling Department. Reviewing periodic reports (monthly reports and quarterly figures) is one of the tasks of this department. The preparation of the financial statements of all shipping companies also falls under the responsibility of the Controlling Department. 

The controller is responsible for the process of planning and control within the company. The controller monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities undertaken and advises the (financial) management of the company. The right synergy between the Departments Accounting and Controlling allows us to create a good overview of our financial activities and thus be able to identify issues timely.