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Well planned, efficient and affordable maintenance are the principles that must ensure that the technical condition of the vessels minimize the amount of off-hire days. We know it is important that there is a good communication between the crew on board of the vessel and the staff ashore.

A technical superintendent supports the crew of each vessel. The technical superintendent is, of course, familiar with the ins and outs of the concerning vessel. In order to assist the crew with advice our technical superintendents are available 24/7, carries out a proper planning of the necessary maintenance and takes the initiative to do so. Besides that, Shipping Company Groningen is equipped with a Technical Support Team. This team, which consist of several technical superintendents with many years of experience, travels to a vessel to assist the crew with major maintenance on the machinery and equipment.

In carrying out their duties, the superintendent is supported by an advanced, digital management system (GLSM) which allows them to follow the (future) demand for planned maintenance of the vessel and anticipate timely on that need for maintenance. We are working to implement GLSM on all vessels that are under our management.