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Dutch news article RTV Noord: 'Vier kapiteins op het schip, dat gaat prima' 04-07-2017

Drie Groninger rederijen hebben begin dit jaar de handen ineen geslagen om verder te gaan als Shipping Company Groningen. Dat was geen keuze uit luxe. 'We vroegen ons alledrie af, hoe verder?' 


For the complete article we hereby refer to the link below. 


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Expansion fleet 11-04-2017

In cooperation with Longship (joint venture) – we were able to add Flinterduin and Flinterdijk to our fleet. Flinterduin en Flinterdijk will be renamed to Longduin and Longdijk. Both Vessel were built in the year 2000 by shipyard Ferus Smit Leer.

These Multi Purpose Vessels with a deadweight of 6359 dwt will fly under the Dutch Flag.  

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Change contact details 03-04-2017

Since early 2017 Feederlines, Navigia and Thorco Holland joined their forces by the alias “Shipping Company Groningen”. Since late January all employees are housed in “House of Shipping”, with offices at Eenrumermaar 2, 9735 AD in Groningen.

The merger also means that we will be working from a single platform as per April 1st, 2017. Therefore it was decided to be reached at a single telephone number from the 1st of April 2017. The telephone number will be +31 50 588 7777.

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MV José Leonardo Chirinos in technical management 20-03-2017

Since the 14th of March Shipping Company Groningen took over total ship management for MV José Leonardo Chirinos, owned by Venavega. MV José Leonardo Chirinos was built in the year 2009 by shipyard Hudong-Zhonghua in Shanghai.  

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