SCG introduces with Shipfund a new way of investing in its own fleet of vessels within the short sea sector. Investors buy together several vessels which are operational in coastal shipping. There will be invested in a fleet of dry cargo vessels / container ships with a dead weight capacity from 3,000 tons to about 10,000 tons.


These vessels are or will be on the market for relatively beneficial prices through bankruptcies or through forced sale by order of by the financing banks.


We expect that the profile of the type of vessels within ShipFund will be expanded in the long term, for example by vessels who are active in off-shore related markets (specialist vessels for oil research and hydrographic purposes).

ShipFund as an alternative for bank savings and accrual of pension assets
Risk diversification due to investing in a ‘bucket’ of vessels
Investment horizon not longer than 3-5 years
Private investor dashboard with direct overview to your results, 24/7 accessible

ShipFund will be the information channel for information exchange: from realized and unrealized returns on the investment portfolio, news shipping facts, blogs, new investment proposals, changes in ​​(fiscal) laws and regulations and in the field of AFM and crowdfunding.

ShipFund has as goal to become a recognizable authority in the field of transparent investments in the ‘own’ Shipping portfolio.



With the current low interest rates you almost seem crazy when you save a lot of money. After all you get there hardly anything in return.

Still the Dutch appear to be loyal savers. Since 2014 we see that the average savings no longer really grows. It remains reasonably stable. The Dutch keep their current savings up to standard, but they do not deposit a lot of new savings more on the savings account. Probably the low interest rate here has some effect on it saving behavior.

ShipFund can be your alternative for putting your money on saving accounts.