Ship management

With devotion and commitment our well educated team works towards the same goal every day: “taking care of the vessels in our management as if they were our own”.


Driven by passion and fully experienced with the dynamic in shipping we are like no other capable to safely sail your property across the oceans. Carried by this philosophy we can assure that charterers can count on good quality tonnage which is available at all times.


Let us convince you of our motives!

Taking care of the vessels in our management as if they were our own!

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Technical Management

Well planned, efficient and affordable maintenance are the principles that must ensure that the technical condition of the vessels minimize the amount of off-hire days. We know it is important that there is a good communication between the crew on board of the vessel and the staff ashore.

A technical superintendent supports the crew of each vessel. The technical superintendent is, of course, familiar with the ins and outs of his vessel. In order to assist the crew with advice, our technical superintendents are available 24/7, carries out a proper planning of the necessary maintenance jobs and takes the initiative to do so.


Crewing Management

The crew on board of our vessels plays a crucial role in ensuring quality. The vessel, the machinery and the cargo are all entrusted to our crew. Our Crew department is responsible for the recruitment, selection and training of this important group of people. Additionally they provide the entire planning regarding the staffing of all our vessels. Besides our own crew we also make use of well qualified and known crewing agencies.


Only the best crew members – who are certified according to the STCW regulations – are allowed to work for our Company. All senior officers get familiarization with our organization before embarking their assigned vessel. The core values of our crew: qualified, certified and accountable. This all leads to highly motivated and committed crew members who are the key to our organization’s competitive advantage.


Financial Management


With multiple financial transactions it is of great importance to create a good overview. The basis for accurate financial statements and cash-flow planning.


Such planning is of great importance to be able to meet all the financial obligations. The most important tasks of the Accounting department is to process and pay the invoices, check and book the actual freight revenues and to maintain and check the financing costs.


Through a clear financial overview and a good communication it is possible for the Accounting department to maintain a good relationship with all concerning parties, even during financial difficult periods.



Through our automated systems we are constantly able to supply up-to-date information on the financial situation of all vessels in our Fleet. The responsibility for financial reporting is with the Controlling department.

Reviewing periodic reports (monthly reports, quarterly figures and the annual reports) is one of the tasks of this department.